Information Technology

Information Technology

Programs and Services

The Information Technology Department (IT) provides the following technology services and support to Pine County.

Technology Infrastructure and Operational Support: IT provides enterprise standards, architecture and operational support for the County organization’s technology and telecommunications infrastructure.

Technology Asset Management: IT establishes and maintains an enterprise framework for managing technology assets, including procurement and contracting services for County technology acquisitions, and establishing equipment standards and usage policies.

Business Tools and Services: IT provides tools and services to support county staff in their work: developing, maintaining, and/or supporting enterprise applications, such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and department-specific business applications; records management; communication and collaboration tools; Help Desk and desktop support.

Information Security and Risk Mitigation: IT protects County information and technology resources by implementing enterprise policies, processes, procedures and industry standards and practices.  These controls are intended to minimize information system vulnerabilities and threats and meet legal and regulatory requirements for protecting data and systems. 

Information Technology

Ryan Findell
IT Manager

Pine County IT Dept.
635 Northridge Dr. NW
Suite 270 
Pine City, MN 55063 

1 (800) 450-7463 ext. 1700 

8:00am- 4:30pm Monday thru Friday

P: 320-591-1700
F: 320-591-1709


Ryan Findell
IT Manager

Kent Bombard
IT Specialist Sr.

Nick Miller
IT Specialist