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Pine County requires building site permits for a wide range of activities. The building site application is used for many types of construction, including but not limited to:

  • building, moving, or adding to structures
  • changing the height, pitch or projection of a structure
  • changing the type of building use (i.e. storage converted to a cabin)
  • permit extension
  • new or replacement foundations (a part of the structure that may be built at a later time, but the permit must be obtained prior to installation of the foundation)

Pine County requires building site permits in the following areas:

  • Shoreland areas are regulated under the Shoreland Ordinance  and/or Kettle River Wild & Scenic Ordinance.  Shoreland areas are generally located within 1,000 feet of all lakes and 300 feet landward of any designated river, creek, or stream and connecting floodplain.  Kettle River Wild & Scenic areas are more extensive and are defined by State Statute.
  • Floodplains are regulated by the Floodplain Ordinance, can be more expansive than shorelands, and are determined through review of FEMA Floodplain maps and site specific elevations.  Please visit the Floodplain Management page for additional information. 
  • The Cities of Denham and Kerrick, as well as the Township of Pine Lake, Nickerson, Kerrick and New Dosey require County permits, regulated under the County Zoning Ordinance.
Pine County does not require building site permits outside of the above listed areas, however, your Township may.  Please review the Township and City Jurisdiction List and contact your Township accordingly.  If a township has adopted zoning regulations there is a high likelihood that a permit procedure is required prior to construction.

A septic compliance inspection is required for any permit applications submitted for properties in the shoreland area before a permit will be issued. An inspection is not required if the system was installed within the last 5 years or inspected within the last 3 years.

Application For Building Site Permit
--Shoreland Worksheet Attachment for Building Site Permit Application
--Floodplain Worksheet for Building Site Permit Application
Subsurface Sewage Treatment System Application

State Building Code

State Electrical Code

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