Shoreland Properties

Planning and Zoning

Shoreland property owners wanting to build structures or additions, install riprap, conduct grading and excavating, and intensively clear vegetation will want to contact our office to ensure they are in compliance with the Pine County Shoreland Management Ordinance. This applies to all land within 1,000 feet of a lake, 300 feet of a river or stream, and the landward extent of the 100 year floodplain. To determine whether your property is subject to the shoreland ordinance visit the Pine County Interactive Parcel Map.

The  Shoreland Ordinance is your guide to Pine County's shoreland property regulations. See Frequently Asked Questions for more information. The purpose of the Shoreland Management Ordinance is to protect the quality and integrity of Pine County's  water resources.

Please take a look at our stormwater, grading  and vegetation fact sheet for more information on how you can protect the quality and integrity of Pine County's water resources.

Riprap: Lake shore property owners interested in installing riprap should see the DNR's fact sheet, DNR Riprap, to be informed of state regulatory standards for permitting and construction. Projects utilizing more than 10 cubic yards should also contact Pine County Planning and Zoning to ensure they are in compliance with the Pine County Shoreland Ordinance.

Application For Building Site Permit
Application for Grade and Filling

Shoreland Properties in Floodplains:

Shoreland properties also may be subject to regulations within the Flood Plain Ordinance for areas adjacent to lakes and rivers that are low in elevation and may be susceptible to flooding. See the Flood Plain Management page for maps and more information.

Kettle River Wild and Scenic River:

The Kettle River Wild and Scenic River district is a special shoreland designation of land areas adjacent to the Kettle River.  There is no universal dimension to measure in determining this district and it can be much greater than the standard 1,000 ft. shoreland designation.  Landowners can determine whether their property lies within the Kettle River Corridor by visiting the Pine County Interactive Parcel Map

The Kettle River district is defined by State Statute and follows section lines adjacent or near the river.   To determine if your property is part of the Kettle River Wild and Scenic area please review the  County Shoreland/Zoning Maps made available at the bottom of this page.  Additional detail and regulations are also available in the Kettle River Wild and Scenic River Ordinance

Pine County Public Waters 2011 May20 - A DNR produced map of public waters in Pine County
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