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Shoreland property owners wanting to build ANY structure or addition, install riprap, or conduct grading and excavating will want to contact our office to ensure they are in compliance with the Pine County Shoreland Management Ordinance. For more information on required stormwater management and erosion control practices, see here.

This applies to all land within 1,000 feet of a lake, 300 feet of a river or stream, and the landward extent of the 100 year floodplain. 

To determine whether your property is subject to the shoreland ordinance visit the Pine County Interactive Parcel Map or the map on our homepage.

A septic compliance inspection is required for any permit applications submitted for properties in the shoreland area before a permit will be issued. An inspection is not required if the system was installed within the last 5 years or inspected within the last 3 years.

Application For Building Site Permit
--Shoreland Worksheet Attachment for Building Site Permit Application
--Floodplain Worksheet Attachment for Building Site Permit Application
Application for Grading and Filling Permit
--Floodplain Worksheet Attachment for Grading & Filling Permit Application
Proposed Project Evaluation
Lot Evaluation
Subsurface Sewage Treatment System Application

Fact Sheets:
Stormwater, Grading, Vegetation Fact Sheet
Best Management Practice (BMP) Guidance Manual - Sediment and Erosion Control

Pine County Public Waters 2011 May20 - A DNR produced map of public waters in Pine County

Shoreland Properties in Floodplains

Shoreland Properties in the Kettle River Wild and Scenic River District

Grading, Filling, Rip Rap, and Vegetation Clearing

Do I need a permit to build a structure or addition on my shoreland property?

What are the minimum lot sizes and lot width requirements if I choose to subdivide my shoreland property?

What are the basic setback requirements for my shoreland property?

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