Public Works

Public Works

Engineering provides the planning, design, and inspection of all county roads and bridges based on the road program adopted by the Pine County Board of Commissioners.

Provides annual bridge safety inspections.  Design includes the development of the new road alignment, acquisition of road right of way, mitigation of wetlands. Engineering staff consists of the County Engineer, Administrative Assistant, Right of Way Manager, Technical Supervisor, 6 Engineer Technicians, and a Sign Technician. 

Maintenance provides the year round repair and maintenance along and within the road right of way on the highway system.

Pine County is comprised of a highway system with approximately 690 miles, of which 383 miles are bituminous and 307 miles are gravel. Maintains the removal of snow and ice control, culvert repair and installation, roadside brush control, maintenance of asphalt and gravel and traffic sign installation and repair. 

Maintenance Staff consists of Maintenance Superintendent, Maintenance Supervisor, and 15 Equipment Operators.

County Surveyor reviews Subdivision Plats, Registered Land Surveys, and Common Interest Communities for compliance with statutory requirements. 

Conducts field work and data collection for the production of County boundary surveys, County Highway projects, topographic and location maps for Pine County properties and interests. 

Maintains and re-establishes monumentation for the Public Land Survey System and collects GPS data for the control of the Public Land Survey System. 

Maintains the records of the Public Land Survey System and maintains an archive of land surveys and survey data within Pine County. 

Public Works

Mark A. LeBrun, County Engineer
Pine County Public Works

405 Airport Road NE
Pine City, MN 55063

Monday -Friday, 7:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m

(320) 591-1733
1-800-450-7463 Ext. 4200

P: 320) 216-4200
F: (320) 629-6736