Review the "Plat Checklist". All plats need to be thoroughly reviewed by our office staff before they will be accepted for recording. Allow extra time when bringing in your plat. 

PLAT CHECKLIST( MN Statute No. 505-01 thru 505-33; Chapter 505)


Only acceptable plat size is 22” x 34” as of 8/01/07.
Material must be 4 mil transparent reproducible film or the equivalent.

_____Contains a plat name and the name is not a duplicate.
_____Abstract property     _____Torrens property
_____Two milar copies –one copy has “OFFICIAL PLAT” at the top and the other has “COPY” at the top.  (Extra milar copies are returned to customer unsigned by County.)
_____All dates on milar copy must match dates on hard shell copy.


_____Contains metes & bounds property – qtr/qtr, section, township, range
_____Contains a lot, a block (if applicable) and a complete subdivision name 
_____Contains marital status of grantor(s)  
_____Contains title(s) and corporate status of grantor(s) 

Plat contains:


Properly signed by: 

_____Plat Surveyor
_____City officials or township officials (whichever is applicable)
_____Pine County Board of Commissioners (if applicable)
_____City Attorney or County Attorney (whichever is applicable)
_____County Surveyor (if applicable)


_____State and County of Notary are listed (MN notaries require County)
_____Complete notary date – day, month, year
_____Names(s) of person(s) being notarized are correctly and completely listed in notary acknowledgement _____Notary has correctly signed their name
_____Clear and legible notary seal/stamp

_____Space has been made for Auditor, Treasurer and Recorder to sign.

_____North arrow.

_____Scale of plat – must be easily interpreted.

_____If plat is more than one page – sheets must be numbered progressively.

_____Plat is signed in black ink.

_____Fee is $56.00 (This may be different if it is Torrens property- depending on number of certificates 

IF property is abstract and Torrens, we will need one original plat with two identical copies and a transparent reproducible copy.

IF it is a CIC (Common Interest Community) plat, additional time will be needed for careful review.