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Effective January 1, 2014, the Pine County Recorder's Office will no longer be doing tract searches-research.

If you need to have a tract search-research done, your options are as follows:

Set up a LandShark account.
(Contracts are available online or at the Pine County Recorder's Office.)

Search Pine County land records 24/7 with a credit card at LandShark

Public terminals are available at County Recorder's Office for land research use.

You may hire an attorney or a title company to assist you with your needs.


Provides assessment data and tax information
Search by: PID#, address, or legal description.
Results include: land & building value, taxable value, property class, property sales, taxes due and more.
Public users can search by address, parcel identification number or legal description, view a summary of property, valuation, taxation or taxes paid and print a tax statement, all at NO COST.

SUBSCRIBERS can search by name, address, parcel identification number and legal description. Subscribers will also have the capability to do Parcel Reports, Comp Search/Results and have access to Certificates of Real Estate Value.


  • Initial account set-up: $25 
  • Monthly subscription $25 

Beacon -Assessment Data Remote Access Agreement - download form below

Shows recorded images dating back to the first land transactions, grantor/grantee from 1995 to present, state & federal tax liens, and active torrens certificates.

Search by: document number, name, or legal description.
Tract index books for metes and bounds are now online for subscribers. 


  • Initial account set-up: $50 (up to 2 users)
  • Additional users: $10 (each)
  • Monthly subscription: $50
  • Cost per image downloaded: 25¢ per page

LandShark Tract Index (subscription required)

Credit Card Privacy Policy

Landshark Access Contract
Beacon Access Contract
Pine County Credit Card Privacy Policy

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