Pine County Housing and Redevelopment Authority / Economic Development Authority

For over 50 years, the Pine County Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) has supported housing in the county by responsibly managing two properties, the Finlayson Manor and Sandstone Manor. 

In the fall of 2021, the Pine County Board of Commissioners established a study committee under Minnesota Statutes §469.1082 for the purpose of making recommendations for economic development.  Following the recommendation, on January 4, 2022, the county board adopted Resolution 2022-02 assigning the economic development authority powers to the existing HRA.

The combined HRA/EDA will continue to fulfill the housing work it has been doing for years and now will include more general economic development activities.  The HRA can, and has always, worked county-wide on housing.  An Economic Development Authority (EDA) can only operate within jurisdictions which have adopted a resolution as described in Minnesota Statutes §469.1082, Subd. 5. Local jurisdictions are being invited to adopt a resolution to participate, should their community need additional capacity to work on economic development. 

To understand what types of projects or programs an EDA can do, we invite you to visit the City of Pine City’s development page (, or reach out to Lezlie Sauter via email at or by phone at 320-591-0019. 


Lezlie Sauter
Economic Development Coordinator
P: 320-591-0019

David J. Minke
Executive Director
P: 320-591-1620
F: 320-591-1628